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Senescence & Rumination

Senescence & Rumination (2022)

for solo violin

Snare Studies 2

Snare Studies 2 (2021)

for snare drum


Pedestal (2021)

song with the Cellars

Snare Studies 1

Snare Studies 1 (2021)

for snare drum


Daisy (2020)

for solo piano


Bubbles (2020)

for ensemble

Father Cold

Father Cold (2019)

for ambisonics

The Monsters in my Head

The Monsters in my Head (2018)

for percussion duet

The Morepork Kiwi & Kakapo

The Morepork Kiwi & Kakapo (2017)

for piano trio

The Fergus Fry Jazz Band

The Fergus Fry Jazz Band (2016)

ep for jazz band

Corduroy. Live at Meow

Corduroy. Live at Meow (2020)

Live Album

Pareidolia I

Pareidolia I (2022)

for ensemble & tape

Pikorua 1

Pikorua 1 (2021)

for taonga puoro & electronics


Repercussions (2021)

for percussion quintet

Queenstown Symphony

Queenstown Symphony (2020)

song with La Bomba

Ils se sont disputés

Ils se sont disputés (2020)

for duet for marimba & violin

Monday Monotony

Monday Monotony (2019)

for headphones

Red Sands

Red Sands (2018)

for stereo speakers

Answerphone Symphony

Answerphone Symphony (2018)

for stereo speakers

The Night Chant

The Night Chant (2017)

for stereo speakers

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam (2016)

song with Ditto

Pikorua Studies

Pikorua Studies (2021)

for electronics

Pikorua 2

Pikorua 2 (2021)

for taonga puoro & electronics

Snare Studies 3

Snare Studies 3 (2021)

for snare drum

Der Mysteriöse Tanz

Der Mysteriöse Tanz (2020)

for orchestra


Popcorn (2020)

for solo flute

Weber's Call

Weber's Call (2019)

for solo horn and ensemble

Sham-Pain Flutes

Sham-Pain Flutes (2018)

for stereo speakers

Cuba Street Strut

Cuba Street Strut (2018)

for jazz combo


Tonight (2016)

song with Ditto


John (2015)

song for John Campbell

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