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Solo Duo
Senescence & Rumination
for solo violin

Senescence & Rumination was written at a time where I was constantly meeting new people, but frustratingly struggling to make any meaningful or long term connections. It felt as though there would be a great flurry of activity and excitement followed by a decay, some rapid, others drawn out. The piece presents the concepts of Senescence (decay) and Rumination (obsession), as two competing and duelling ideas expressed through a number of musical parameters in ways that mirror the feelings I had during this period .

for piano

Daisy is the first installment of an ongoing series of work called Absent Friends and is centered around themes of loss and reflection. The piece does not set out to be a sonic representation of the person lost, but rather a chance to reflect and remember times together.

Ils se sont disputés
for marimba and violin

Ils se sont disputés translates to "they disputed" and is short duet for violin and marimba. The two instruments are constantly bickering with each other, always attempting to get the last word. It is modelled off of a conversation that then escalates into an argument, initially each part allows the other to be heard before the amount of room they give diminishes and they are talking over each other. 



Pareidolia I.
for ensemble & performed tape

Pareidolia I is part of a series of works centred around reflection. An archive of home recordings became the source material for much of the project, with the gritty, monophonic, and high noise floor samples being woven into the textural palette of the ensemble. The piece represents the de-fragmentation of my practice as it draws upon my previous work in sonic arts, instrumental composition, film scoring, and sound engineering. I consider it to be one the most “me” pieces I have written to date, and it illustrates the music and voice I have been attempting to unlock for a number of years.

for percussion quintet

Repercussions (2021) demonstrates violent, and physically complex writing juxtaposed with softer, more delicate sections, and focussed periods. The work is centred around two players with different patterns of accents, as they a pushed and pulled through different levels of rhythmic dissonance. Often sections will begin on a limited number of pitches, typically built around the tritone relationship, before expanding and launching into a new harmonic field. 

Der Mysteriose Tanz
for orchestra

Der Mysteriöse Tanz, or as it is translated into English, The Mysterious Dance tells the tale of a man finding himself in the company of an woman on a night out.Their courtship is dispersed across the five movements, shifting from an intense challenge to a seductive temptation that follows. I wanted to juxtapose several core elements of the piece, such as;
most notably dynamics, registeral intensity, and rhythmic saturation.

for ensemble

Bubbles is the precursor to Pareidolia I. with the works featuring similar ensembles. It was whilst writing Bubbles that I realized the true extent to which my practice was fragmented. The Electronics were superimposed after the fact and do have much of a function in the instrumental material. As a result there a significant disconnect between the two soundworlds. Addressing this disconnect and fragmentation became the focus of my practice for several years. 

Cuba St Strut
for jazz combo

This piece was the first major assignment of my second year at university. It was the first work of mine to get played and will always have a special place in my life and development as artist.

Fixed Media

Fixed Media

Live Electronics

Live Electronics
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